‘Vancouver is falling behind’ says Mayor Gregor Robertson on 10-year transit vision

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Metro Vancouver mayors are calling on the Legislative Assembly to get on with it and get a government into place.

Following the announcement of $1.2-billion federal investment in Montreal’s light rail project, Mayors’ Council Chair Gregor Robertson said in a statement that “Vancouver is falling behind other cities to secure badly needed federal funding for a 10-year transit vision.

“Mayors are ready to go, but we need a new provincial government to take action on landing federal investment for transit.”



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    MLAs return to work on June 22, but nothing can happen until a Speaker is selected. The Liberals and New Democrats aren’t keen to give up a member to serve as Speaker because they’re in a virtual dead heat.

    Robertson said Metro Vancouver commuters are waiting on a political resolution in Victoria to move forward on infrastructure.

    “We need the transit investment urgently, and that means we’ve got to have a B.C. government as soon as possible that’s engaged and landing that dollar to get them on the ground here so we can get transit projects built and start dealing with the traffic congestion,” he said.

    Parties weigh-in

    While Victoria remains in caretaker mode, the political parties are responding to the mayor’s call to action.

    NDP MLA George Heyman says he understands what regular transit commuters are going through.

    “The mayors are frustrated. So are the people who live in the region —; and I totally get that. That’s why John Horgan has been calling on Christy Clark to stand aside and let a new government take place.”

    Liberal pick for Minister responsible for TransLink Sam Sullivan says his party is committed to working with the mayors and is dropping a referendum requirement for the region’s share of transit funding.

    The BC Green Party says there is no reason for delaying the recall of the house.

    Phase one of the Mayors’ 10-year plan includes more frequent public transit, road improvements, and active transportation infrastructure.

    Two-thirds of the plan was funded by TransLink.

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