Lethbridge’s pride rainbow crosswalk smeared with manure, rust paint

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For the second time in four days, downtown Lethbridge’s Pride crosswalk has been vandalized and Thursday evening, police issued a news release to say the matter was being treated as “an incident of hate-motivated mischief.”

Early Thursday morning, police said a city employee reported manure and what appeared to be tar had been spread on the rainbow crosswalk. Police later told Global News the apparent tar was in fact Tremclad rust paint.

The vandalism on the Lethbridge rainbow crosswalk seen on June 15, 2017.

Lethbridge Pride Fest

The incident comes four days after the same crosswalk, along with the transgender flag crosswalk, were found with visible car skid marks across them.

Police said the investigation is in its early stages.

Lethbridge Pride Fest called both incidents a “direct attack on the LGBTQ+ community.

“These marks are blatantly deliberate and nearly identical to a similar incident in Saskatoon earlier this month,” read the original statement.

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The City of Lethbridge has said the crosswalks will be touched up a few days prior to the city’s pride parade on Saturday, June 24.

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